2015 is quite a ride

Hello 27!
Hello 27!

This year is literally a crazy year. Many things are going wild, fast, and unpredictable!

Ok hear this : i’m moving to the toughest town in the world, having my second child (which i almost gave a birth in the taxi), living in a new rent house, my first child is going to get into his first “official school”, jump to the new business that i was hate. And.. FAR FROM MY LOVELY FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

But the good news is.. I made it!

Tahun ini sangat tidak mudah untuk dilalui. All my biggest fear are come. Tapi aku dihadapkan pada situasi dimana mau tidak mau, suka tidak suka, enak ga enak, semuanya harus dilalui. Then what i have to thru all of that? My self. Siapa lagi yang paling bisa diandalkan dalam semua situasi di kehidupan ini kecuali diri sendiri. Well.. we can always have a person to rely on, but in the end we face our own problems. Bersyukur aku dikelilingi orang-orang hebat yang banyak mengambil peran penting mengatasi semua permasalahan. Mereka yang sabar mendengarkan. Mereka yang gak berhenti menyemangati. Mereka yang memudahkan jalan dan memperlihatkan that your dreams are might come true. Juga mereka yang hanya dengan “being there” sudah membuatku merasa bahwa everythings are gonna be okay.

Well.. there is a lot going on. I can’t wait to share to you all each chapter of my life.

But before all, hello 27! I’m so ready for what’s coming.



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